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Christine Marie is co-founder of Contagious Apps, the founder of Technorazzi Magazine, the founder of Voices for Dignity, as well as Interactive Media Candy (, a boutique technology company which specializes in software applications and interactive content for the mobile phone, iPad and desktop. Marie has years of experience in product development, graphics, digital branding, social media, marketing, IPTV, software design, print, video and audio products. Furthermore, Christine has created numerous educational and motivational systems for families and children, and has been a parent educator for years. She still teaches Baby Care and Nurturing part-time when she can fit it in, and has created numerous web properties for mothers and children under the brand of Gingerbread.

Christine Marie MBA

Master's degree

Aside from being an entrepreneur, published author, speaker and blogger, she also dabbles in photography and other forms of visual media and content production. Earlier this year she was named VIP of the Year by Worldwide Who’s Who for excellence in online media. SEE HERE

In her past life, Christine Marie was a kindergarten teacher, a professional speaker, and the president of a family network that produced and marketed family enrichment and literacy products. In 2002, Marie was developing an interactive television show on KPAL in southern California when the owner of the station introduced her to a Hollywood producer named Tolga Katas. Tolga and Christine have been partners ever since. Tolga Katas produced Christine Marie’s media project and developed software for her. In turn, she facilitated him in turning his digital genius into new businesses as well as keeping his fridge stocked with Mountain Dew.

Marie is the mother of four children, got her B.S. in Psychology in 1989 and a Masters in Business in 2008. She is a former Ms. Michigan, Mother of Young Children, Outstanding Service Award winner, Community Service Award winner, and published author.


“Christine has a passionate history and continued focus on content development for the family that is based on solid research into developmental stages of growth, how parents can support the evolving world view for the child’s perspective, creativity and inspiration towards positive behavior traits, as parents. 

Certainly, technology can be used in positive ways to that end. There can be media that can be harmful as well. Christine can develop beneficial methodology, curriculum, and delivery platforms to filter the direction we want to go with our future generations, and avoid abusive media cultural norms.” April 27, 2010

David Schultens, President, Open Video Systems

“From the very beginning I was mesmerized by the ambitions and heart of Christine’s passions: kids and entertainment, media and internet. Her will to seize the day and yet stay firm on the ground when it comes to business and principles. She is the statue of women in power; the example for all women who pursue ambitions without losing the things that really matter in the world.” June 25, 2010

Shyam Narain, Software Architect, Jaydeva

“I highly recommend Christine as one of the most talented visionaries you’ll ever meet. She is a non-stop ball of creative and business energy and I would work with her singularly over any corporation or entertainment company. She is also one of the sweetest and kindest people you’ll ever meet. I don’t think there was ever a time her compassion didn’t shine through, whether when dealing with a major deal or while entertaining multitudes of children with her wonderful gingerbread show. I consider it an honor and privilege to know her and call her friend.” May 24, 2011

Dave Shelton, President, Funstertainment Productions

“Christine Marie is a non stop, ethical, marketing tyrant who’s intellect and prowess for detecting market trends and exploiting them remains, as yet, unmatched.” July 5, 2007

Adam Mead Faletti, Owner, Vintage Studios, LLC

“Christine is the most durable visionary you could encounter, the juices never stop flowing even in the face of adversity. Gentle tenacity with an aggressive mental motor Christine always finds solutions and the right connection. 

Genuine sincerity and loyalty are Christine’s assets that holds a bond. Love and passion is what you leave with when you work with Christine. 

I recommend Christine as an inspirational leader and a generous contributor to successful business development and a great eye on the horizon. Christine makes the future visible.” April 27, 2010

Jim Jurewicz, President, GRID TV – The Americas

“Christine Marie is brilliant, witty, eloquent, and is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to work with. She possesses the vision and the talent to see a project from the back of a napkin through to execution, with a sense of both professionalism and style.” October 12, 2007

Walt Horat, Consultant, En2go

“I worked side-by-side with Christine on various projects for graduate level education and found her to not only be creative and energetic, but also encouraging and supportive. Her ability to get things done while juggling a multitude of projects impressed me greatly.” February 14, 2008

Patrick Toussaint, Database Administrator, Laboratory Medicine Consultants

“Christine Marie is one of the most creative people on the planet. I have completed many successful projects with her. She is a joy to work with. Christine has amazing marketing and execution skills with unique strengths in the technology and media sectors.” July 3, 2007

Tolga Katas, Founder,

“Christine is one of the best partners I’ve had, and she is always watching after my best interests. She has shown me the art of professionalism and been a good inspirational guide to my success.” September 11, 2007

John Draper, CTO, en2go


“The most engaging, inspiring technology speaker I have ever heard. The audience was entranced by her.” Russ Weinzimmer, Patent Attorney

“She’s a rare blend of intellectual and comic genius who has super-inspirational flair. I guarantee every one of her presentations will be standing ovation quality.” Dr. Rob Gilbert, Editor, Bits and Pieces Magazine

“She not only showcased and demonstrated our product in a dazzling way, she also drew unexpected press and media attention–even at Cebit, the biggest trade show in the history of the world.” Peter White, Metabox AG

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